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Friday, March 6, 2015

Chicago's Police 'Black-Site'.

In the years since the so-called IXXI "attacks" (if you believe the official version), the term 'black-site' has entered the public consciousness. Typically it conjures up images of Arab men - usually innocent - being kept and tortured in secret CIA prisons. Off the books and in far-flung countries, whose regimes are little more than craven puppets for the U.S. empire.

Recently thought, news has been made public of a black-site being held right in Chicago, IL. Run by the Chicago Police Terrorist regime, it has all the trappings of an 'off-the-books', over-seas prison. Americans/Chicago residents were effectively being disappeared by special police units. In fact, all Constitutional rights were suspended within the facility. Here is just a sampling of crimes committed by cops at HS:

- No official arrests records: detainees deliberately omitted from data bases.
- Legal council denied for up to 24 hours.
- Severe beatings and other acts of torture.
- Cuffed or shackled in place for excessively long periods.
- Minors as young as 15 were detained.
- Homicide. At least one man was found dead inside an "interrogation" room. 

In addition to all this people were never charged with any crimes - not while at HS.  
The war brought home: This warehouse located in Chicago is the police-run, black-site jail known as 'Homan Square'. For years, mostly Black and Latino detained citizens would be brought here, their arrests kept off the books. Torture, beatings, and forced confessions were (and remain) routine here.

Known as 'Homan Square', the warehouse/police torture site is located on Chicago's west side and police operations were said to have been set up there in 2005. A few White political activists were kept there. Otherwise, it has mostly poor Black and Brown-skinned people who were victimized. Typically, once innocent people were  arrested and taken to Homan Square, they would be held for up to 24 hours (or more) without legal council or Miranda rights read. No official record of arrests were kept, therefore, it was impossible for people's whereabouts to have even been known during their detention... illegal as it were.

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