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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

ISIS Attack on Iraqi Police Station: Dozens of Cops DEAD

Targeting Cops first visited the Middle East last July, when reporting on Israeli/Zionist aggression in Palestine. Back then, Apartheid Israel waged a genocidal campaign which saw more than 2,200 innocent civilians dead - 100% of them having been Palestinian Arabs. The notorious Israeli Defense Force(IDF) as well as Israeli Police Gestapo units carried out horrific war crimes, in much the same way that authoritarian, despotic state-police all over the world tend to rampage, sack, rape, and murder the innocent with free and unchecked reign. Now we revisit a different part of the Middle East, because a bunch of  foul cops there just got their deserved come-uppins'.

On Monday June 1st 2015 an attack occurred on a police base in Iraq which claimed at least 47 casualties. 40 of the dead were cops, the rest were pro-government stooges. The renegade attack happened north of the capitol Baghdad, between the cities of Samarra and Tharthar. Monday's attack was carried out by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS). You can read more about this most militant of street actions HERE.

Millions Dozens of Dead Cops: Pools of blood stain the street outside an Iraqi police base just north of Baghdad, the country's capitol. ISIS claimed responsibility for the Monday attack which left nearly fifty cops and security forces dead.
The attack was said to have come in the form of multiple suicide bombings. According to reports, a Somali man drove an armored vehicle packed with explosives past the base's gates then detonated it. Simultaneously, a Tajik and a Syrian each blew up a humvee and a truck within the area. There shall likely be further reporting as events in this region progress... especially if ISIS continues to kill corrupt police, security forces, and other pro-government/American-trained thugs. Revolution comes in many different forms.  Judge not the tactics taken...

This is typically what a wretched cop looks like in Iraq. Uniforms and weaponry vary of course, depending on the country's province and Western-backed funding. But this is a good example.
This appears to be a promotional ad for the militant resistance group ISIS. This is a pretty good example of what they looks like.

ISIS militants prepare to execute these pro-govt. stooges in one of 
the group's many High Definition promotional videos.  

In other supposedly ISIS-related news(allegedly), an American Muslim man was gunned down by federal agents and local police thugs in Boston on Tuesday June 2nd. The man, 26 year old Usaamah Abdullah Rahim, was apparently under 24 hour surveillance by authorities for months. Rahim was murdered in the parking lot of a CVS pharmacy. The official spin that Boston cops and federal goons are propagating is that they approached Mr. Rahim, not to issue an arrest for an accused crime, but simply to "question" him. It was then that Mr. Rahim suddenly became enraged and "lunged" at officers with a knife. law enforcement authorities had no choice but to shoot him in self defense.  

False Flag: Usaamah Abdullah Rahim seen here. Rahim was executed on the spot after Boston cops and fed. goons went to "question" him on Tuesday June 2nd. Immediately afterwards, Rahim was said to have been an "ISIS-inspired" terror suspect who plotted to "behead police".

We've all heard this re-run episode before, and predictably, all of mass corporate-whore media is pushing this exact narrative. However, according to The Intercept, mass corporate media have engaged in a smear campaign to 'thrash the shooting victim by uncritically "reporting" police accusations without question.' An article by The Intercept can be read HERE

Another innocent young Black male murdered by racist White cops, who is then smeared by a racist unthinking media. What else is new, right? But since the dead in question happens to have been Muslim, and fed. agents were involved, an automatic TERROR angle has been placed on this incident. All this, in a city which has already had its share of false flag terror events.   

The fear factor is being worked hard with this one. From Tuesday's incident, also emerged the ridiculous story that Rahim was a would-be "terrorist" who was inspired by the militant group ISIS, and had plotted to "behead" cops. This entire case is soo laughably cartoonish, that it is almost easy to forget just how thoroughly racist and Islamophobic it is... and that an innocent young man is dead. This must be the latest thing now, the smear Black shooting victims as "terrorists" if they were Muslim.

More on all these stories, as they develop. 

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  1. Israel is not killing innocent, it is palestinese millitant who is killing innocent in the name of Israel.