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Saturday, June 6, 2015

After Portland Shooting - Mayor, Police Ratchet Up the FEAR

Gang member

These words are all practically interchangeable in today's post-IXXI, "enhanced-policing", fear-mongering, race politics. And let's be frank - to many opportunistic politicians and virtually all police, there is little distinction. The last blog entry already pointed out how the police and media's drive to combine Black suspects and Muslim affiliations all but relegates that person to 'demonic' levels, unworthy and undeserving of any human rights what so ever... including the right to life itself.  And one thing that both Blacks and Muslims have consistently had in common in AmeriKKKa, is providing handy boogymen and scapegoats. In the case of Black people, the cynicism of race politics manifested itself in the form of Richard Milhous Nixon's "Southern Strategy" campaign, in which the unabashedly criminal Nixon appealed directly to White racism and fear of Blacks, in order to win crucial votes in the South and garner political clout in the late 1960's and 1970's. Racist opportunism on the part of Republican presidential candidates became even more venal with George Bush Sr.'s 1988 "Willie Horton" ad which probably aided in his stealing that election. Once again, scaring the shit out of pitiful White folks who were already subconsciously racist, using "scary" Black people as pawns. And in the case of Muslims, well... what else can be said to that fact that over two billion people have been made patsies for the biggest false flag cy-ops operation in world history?

Race politics. Racist smearing. Racist scapegoating. Turns out, cops are quite skilled at such shenanigans as well. And cops here in Portland, OR are certainly no exception. On Thursday May 28th 2015 a shooting had occurred during public gathering event called 'Last Thursday'. Three people were injured. A youth was immediately taken into custody. Also, two leading activists from Don't Shoot Portland were arrested, even though they had nothing to do with the shooting. 

***Here's where the spin begins***

Police Minister of Propaganda Sgt. Pete Simpson claims that the two individuals were arrested for "interfering with an investigation of the crime scene". Marcus Cooper and Glenn Waco, the two men falsely arrested, insist that they were aiding one of the shooting victims. Cooper and Waco appeared in court on Friday May 29th and plead non-guilty to four charges. Dozens of supporters also appeared at the courthouse in solidarity. 

Local Rapper/activist Glenn Waco seen here, leading a march in down town Portland last December. Waco and many others were protesting a grand jury's decision not to indict any cops involved in Eric Garner's death. Garner was murdered by police thugs in Staten Island, NY last July. 

Captain Matthew Wagenknecht during his "performance" on the Oregon Public Broadcasting show 'Think Out Loud' on Friday June 5th. According to him, gang shootings are waaay up this year. So, there has to be more cops in order to keep you "safe". 

Meanwhile, the Portland Police Gestapo as 
well as all of local mainstream media immediately labeled the incident as a "gang shooting". And from this one single shooting, mayor Charlie Hales and the PPG announced that the so-called "Gang Task Force" would have six additional officers added to its unit. On Friday June 5th, Cpt. Matthew Wagenknecht, head of the Tactical Operations division(which includes the GTF) appeared on a local radio program with additional spin. It's worth noting that the so-called gang task force, or "gang enforcement team" as it is more formally known, is really nothing more than a completely racist unit of cops - whose sole and intrinsic purpose is to target and harass Black youths. And they do this REGARDLESS of alleged gang affiliations! And mayor Hales himself has had a track record of being, well... less than sensitive to the concerns of Black people - to put it nicely. He seems to be especially scornful of young Blacks. During his run for Portland mayor, then candidate Hales once slandered Keaton Dupree Otis as a "gang member", even though he was not. Otis was gunned down by Portland cops in May 2010. These pigs were all members of the gang task force. They profiled and targeted Otis for execution. Initial police and media reports claimed Otis was a gang member, a complete LIE.   

Tax cheat at large: Portland mayor Charlie Hales, seen here.

More lies about "increased gang shootings". More excuses for police budget spending. More cops. More guns on the streets. More profiling, targeting, and harassing of this city's Black youth. Welcome to Charlie Hales' Portland... 

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  1. gun shooting is a common phenomenon in USA. it needs to be stopped and quick action is need to be taken.