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Monday, June 29, 2015

Innocent Man Gunned Down by Portland Cops - 2nd Time This Year.

After a bit of a lull which lasted a couple of years, It seems that the Portland Police Gestapo(PPG) are on a roll once again. Allen Lee Bellew, 29, was murdered by two Portland pigs on Sunday June 28th 2015. The two pigs responsible for Bellew's murder have been identified as officers Dominic Lovato and Michael Currier. The killing happened in the parking lot of a Winco Foods grocery store in NE Portland, around 11:30 Sunday night. An official police report on the incident claims that officers approached Bellew and two other friends of his, who were standing around the trunk of a parked car. At which point, Bellew "suddenly" pulled out a gun and allegedly pointed it at the officers. Lovato and Currier immediately opened fire, killing Bellew on the spot. A gun later recovered from the murder scene turned out to be a fake replica... supposedly. This is all according to police accounts, mind you. Bellew's two friends were taken into custody for questioning, but later released without charge. They were unharmed, but are no doubt dealing with the trauma of having witnessed their friend being blown away right in front of them. 

Killed By Police: Portland's latest cop murder victim, Allen Lee Bellew, seen here.

This particular police murder is concerning for a few reasons. 

To begin with, the information being released regarding this case is extremely one-sided. At this point, all we have is the cop's perspective. The Portland Police regime appears to be the only ones releasing any information on this murder, so it is a given that they are LYING. It is also highly concerning that this incident seems to have been picked up mostly by The Oregonian(which is about as trustworthy as the NY Times) and a few local corporate-whored subsidiaries such as Kgw News(owned by NBC), KATU News(owned by ABC), KPTZ News(owned by FOX) etc. 

Also of concern - this marks the second police murder in Portland this year. On March 22nd 2015, a man was gunned down by a Portland cop thug in SE Portland who was responding to an alleged burglary. The man slain on that day was Christopher Ryan Healy, aged 36. The responding cop is officer Thomas Clark. According to a one-sided police report, upon officer Clark's arrival, Healy allegedly "lunged" at him with a double-bladed knife. At which point, Clark shot Healy in the chest twice. Healy died of his wounds soon afterwards. To this day, very few details have been released from that murder as well. So far, all that seems available to the public are scant, often biased news reports that only tell the cop's side, while demonizing the murder victim. The Oregonian in particular has published multiple articles on both the Healy case, as well as that of Bellew(from this past Sunday). However, in both sets of reporting(as well as virtually all their coverage of police killings), Portland's so-called "newspaper of record" has acted as little nothing more than a revolting, craven, boot-licking mouth-piece for the Portland Police Terrorist regime. Even though that job already belongs to Portland Police Minister of Propaganda Sgt. Pete "Goebbels" Simpson

The following is a newsletter notification courtesy of Portland CopWatch. Other than a blog posting by the Portland Mercury, PCW appears to have been the only other non-corporate, independent local media/info. source which has given any attention to the two police shootings which have occurred here in Portland... thus far this year.     

We received this PPB update through JoAnn Hardesty (many thanks!) because 
obviously, well, they wouldn't want to send something like this directly 
to Portland Copwatch.
The man who was shot and killed last night, Alan Bellew, seems to be 
European American and from Lane County. I include this link to get you a 
photo-- not because I am supporting the Bureau's practice (as predicted, 
below) of releasing the shooting victims' criminal histories:
They used the same photo on the PPB news flash page, as well as a photo of 
the "gun." (I can't see them on my computer for some reason, but they're 
on the Oregonlive page at 

Officer Michael Currier is one of the 23 cops who said they "liked" the 
facebook pages of other PPB cops who said "I am Darren Wilson" last fall. 
(You may recall that Betsy Hornstein, the cop who kicked and punched Thai 
Gurule, also "liked" those pages.)

I can't find anything quick on Officer Dominic Lovato, who was the other 
cop that fired on Bellew.

It seems amazing to me that we're just under 6 months into the year and we 
have just as many officer involved shootings now as we did in all last 
year, but this year the Bureau's under the (supposed) watchful eye of the 
US Dept of Justice due to excessive force. Hmm.

Well, I guess the thundering applause for the New York officers who shot 
and killed the first of the two escaped prisoners there set a tone for 
police to think that's how to resolve confrontations.

--Portland Copwatch"  

To view a detailed data base which has tracked all accounts of police murder within the U.S. since 2013, go to: Killed By Police. Allen Bellew and Chris Healy are the 550th and 259th persons(respectively) murdered by cops in this country, in 2015... thus far. 


  1. too bad from cops, making misuse of guns.

  2. this is really a harsh thing done by police. the police must keep control on themselves.