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Monday, June 8, 2015

THUG Cop Terrorizes Teens At Pool Party - Body Slams 15 Yr. Old Girl!


This is really the only accurate way one can describe the cops(as well as some White, racist adults) here. Animals, PIGS even, would be too much of an insult to innocent animals. These people are simply BEASTS! 

On Friday June 5th 2015 a neighborhood pool party full of kids and teens became an intense scene of violence when a gang of bastard-ass cops showed up. The incident occurred in McKinney - a small city in fucking TEXAS. Already, we're off to an awful start! Here are a few facts for purposes of context: McKinney, TX is about 31 miles north of Dallas, and has a population of over 131,000 residents. 75% of them are White, 11% Black, according to a 2010 census. The city has a history of severe racism, which ought to be of no surprise. As has proven to be soo often the case before, racist White thugs have wasted NO TIME piling on, in defense of police involved. AmeriKKKa's latest past time!

Trending: This would be but a small indicator of what was to come. Similar to the cruel racist backlash that ensued following the murders of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, racist trolls(both in real life and on-line) would pour out of the woodwork to defend police thugs and cheer on violence against innocent Blacks... including children!

Last Friday a group of children started showing up at a neighborhood pool party, which was being held at the Craig Ranch North Community pool. According to an official statement(i.e. LIE) by the McKinney Terrorist Police regime, officers were responding to a so-called "disturbance" call at the community pool, regarding several youths who were alleged to have not been "invited" and refused to leave. But according to the party's co-host, 19 year old Tatiana Rose, that "disturbance" began when a couple of Whites crashed the party and hurled racist slurs at the Black youths. That 911 call was made by a White person later identified as Sean Toon... more on Mr. Toon later. Some of the kids in attendance are Black. ALL of the responding officers are White. And once gang members from the McKinney Police Gestapo(MPG) showed up, that's when all Hell broke loose.

Racist pool crashers: Tatiana Rose(l) tells news reporters that she and her parents were hosting a party at a community pool, when uninvited Whites showed up and started harassing Black youths with racist taunts. Cpl. Eric Casebolt(r) sits on top of 15 yr. old Dajerria Becton, after slamming her to the ground. 
Victim of police thuggery: Dajerria Becton, seen here. In a viral cell phone video, Becton is seen being body slammed to the ground by cpl. Casebolt, who then sits on top of her. She is 15 and was clad in only her bathing suit at the time.

Racist White thugs showing up uninvited to a children's pool party, picking fights, and hurling racial insults at Black youths was only the beginning of the melee. Once cops showed up, they sided with the handful of  White troublemakers and immediately began attacking every Black person in sight. This, despite the fact that the party had reportedly been attended by children of multiple ethnicity. But of all the cops on the scene, corporal Eric Casebolt was the most out-of-control by far. In video which was posted a day or two after this incident, Casebolt can clearly be seen chasing and cursing at children. At one point, he grabs a boy by the arm and slings him to the ground, handcuffing him. In one particularly frightening moment, Casebolt un-holsters his service weapon and points it directly at several children(Remember, this is a pool party full of children and teens. No one has a weapon of any sort. At NO point were police ever threatened.)! This act of criminality was soo outrageous that even two of Casebolt's fellow cops attempted to restrain him. Mr. ToughGuy puts his gun away, thankfully, but then continues to run around like a raving madman - yelling, cursing, and pointing what appears to be his night stick at kids. In the video, you can even see him tripping and doing barrel rolls - as if in some action movie. In another outrageous act of criminal violence, Casebolt grabs a 15 year old girl, twists her arm, and body slams her to the ground. He then climbs on top of her, burying both knees into the petite girl's back. She was later identified as Dajerria Becton. Eventually, Becton along with several other teens were released to their parent's custody. One 18 year old was reportedly arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. Casebolt's actions can be viewed HERE. Surprise surprise, Casebolt happens to have a history of thug-like behavior. 

BUSTED! Casebolt caught assaulting unarmed teen girl in her bikini!

Maniac Cop: Cpl. Eric Casebolt seen here, assaulting another minor. Notice the crazed look on his face!
OOPSY: Corporal Dumbfuck seen here falling on his cracker-ass. He makes a quite save however, by doing his [now famous] barrel roll.

Culture-jacking: In addition to aggravated assault, assault on a minor, sexual assault, threatening and menacing, criminal misconduct, and disturbing the peace, you can also add cultural misappropriation to the list of criminal complaints. This photo was reportedly taken at a 2014 Fraternal Order of Police christmas party. He probably thought no one would ever see this. Or maybe the son-of-a-bitch simply did not give a damn.

On Sunday June 7th Officer Casebolt was placed on "administrative leave", following the release of now viral video, depicting the wild cop chimping out. And in a rare police move, McKinney police chief Greg Conley was hardly defending the maniac cop. In a media press conference, chief Conley himself said that Casebolt's actions were "out-of-control" and "indefensible". OUCH! 
However, Casebolt's paid vacation may be getting an indefinite extension. On Tuesday June 9th, Casebolt effectively resigned. COWARD!

As mentioned before, the Whitetrash who called 911 on the Black pool attendees has been id'd as Sean Toon. Toon, 33, was also one of the thugs who crashed the pool party, harassing kids and hurling racist taunts. At the very least, this grotesque piece-of-shit ought to be facing charges of filing a false report. But for now, being an internet laughing stock will have to do. Thing is, Toon's actions mark the second time in a year that a bloated, racist neckbeard has become a national pariah for calling cops on innocent Black people. The other one is Ronald "Tyler" Richie, who made a false 911 call on John Crawford III in Beavercreek, OH last August. Except in that case, the results were far more tragic

It is worth noting that Mr. Toon is such a fine, up-standing, law-abiding member of the citizenry. Soo much so, that he is a convicted felon, and has done jail time for abusing animals as well as aggravated assault. So yeah, there is that.      

You might be a redneck: Obese, cop-calling neckbeard Sean Toon seen here. This piece-of-Whitetrash was one of the racist troublemakers harassing Black kids at a pool party. Here Toon defiantly holds up a sign, showing his support for cops who beat up and terrorize children.

Safe territory: Morbidly obese, Hella-neckbeard Sean "Loony" Toon seen here, giving an interview to some random bimbo on FOX News. These jokes practically write themselves.

UPDATE: Another White racist agitator at the scene has also been revealed! She has been identified as Tracey Carver-Allbritton. Video has come out which shows Miss Allbritton physically attacking Black minors at the pool party, using racial slurs and acting like a thug! Thanks to an intense online social justice campaign to identify racist Whites who instigated violence at that party, not only has this person been outed, but it has also been discovered that Allbritton is an employee for Bank of America, or at least a corporate vendor that contracts with BofA. She is also an apparent bible reader. No word yet on whether she will face criminal charges for assaulting a minor, but for now at least, Allbritton has been suspended from her job. And there is also an effort underway to see that this thug is permanently fired as well. BUSTED BITCH!!!    


Of all the criminal actions which took place at the now-infamous McKinney pool party melee, the only person arrested was 18 year old Adrian Martin. He was initially charged with "interfering with police" and "evading arrest".  The "interfering" part came when Martin tried to intervene when he saw Casebolt assaulting a minor teen girl in her bikini. And the "evading" part came when Casebolt pointed his gun at Martin, who then ran away in fear of his own life. Both of those charges have since been dropped, thankfully, as they were completely baseless to begin with. Martin has since told his side of what happened that day. He also says that he has no regrets about running to the aid of a child, even though that act of selfless heroism led to his arrest. So good for him!

Another hero in this is Brandon Brooks. He is the person who captured the infamous/viral video of Casebolt running, cursing, barrel-rolling, and assaulting kids. Brooks, 15, also happens to be White - one of the decent White people at that party. And after closer analysis of the video he took, it does make sense... that this person was able to casually walk around with his mobile device, filming criminal actions being committed by police, and how they all just seemingly ignore him. Brooks himself lamented in an interview how he was "invisible" to these cops. 

Brandon Brooks seen here. He was also in attendance at the pool party, along with many other teens. Recognizing his 'privilege', Brooks used it for purposes of GOOD! 

They didn't even look at me. It was kind of like I was invisible.

Former cop Eric Casebolt and his wife are reported to be in hiding, due to alleged death threats. Only his lawyer is alleging this; no credible threats have been verified. And even though Casebolt handed in his resignation, he still gets to retain his pension. There has also been an effort underway, by his lawyer, cop-lovers, and mainstream corporate media, to garner sympathy for Casebolt... by claiming that officer "Barrel Roll" had been "stressed" due to attending two suicide calls earlier that day. This pity party for Casebolt might actually make a little sense to some folks. But one has to then ask - was Casebolt "stressed" when he was molesting a man during a traffic stop in 2007? 

Even though  no one died in this particular incident(thankfully), please check out Data base which documents all murders committed by cops in the U.S. since 2013. 

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