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Monday, June 29, 2015

5 Children Run Over in GRISLY Detroit Cop Chase!

In terms of sheer police gangsterism and cop 
criminality, the Detroit Police Terror regime is easily one of the worst in the country, if not the world! Detroit, a long besieged city which has already seen itself on the shit-end of disaster capitalism for decades, has more woes than its fair share. At one point one of the busiest cities in the nation - the home of legendary Motown Records, as well as a cornerstone of American manufacturing, Detroit has now been left a bombed out shell from the ravages of a housing crisis, a ruthless drug war, World Trade schemes, leeching banks, and corrupt whore politicians. Detroit has also had to contend with an out-of-control police force which clearly sees itself as being at total war with the city's residents - innocent and otherwise(makes not a damned bit of difference to them). 

A psychotic, out-of-control police regime which answers to no one and no governing body. A police terrorist regime which feels it can smash in the doors of unsuspecting citizens, burn a 7 year old girl as she sleeps on a couch, shoot her in the head, and not face any reproductions what so ever. This was certainly the case with the murder of Aiyana Stanley-Jones, slaughtered by Detroit cops/sub-human monsters during a fucked-up raid on the wrong address in May 2010. Once again, Detroit finds itself a city that plays host to racist police infanticide murders. Such was the case when five children were run over during a reckless police chase. Two children - a brother and sister - were killed. Three other children were seriously injured. This horrific incident happened on Wednesday June 24th 2015. The two dead children have been identified as Michelangelo Jackson aged six and Mikiah Jackson aged three. The brother and sister were playing in front of their home when they were both run over and murdered during a reckless high-speed police chase. These two babies were slain when the driver of the vehicle being fanatically pursued by Detroit cops was rammed by a police cruisers. This action on the part of cops sent the suspect's car flying directly into the path of the two Jackson children. The car being pursued eventually crashed in a residential home, injuring three other kids in the process. 

Detroit cops murder children: Michaelangelo Jackson and Makiah Jackson seen here. The brother and sister were playing in front of their home when they were struck and murdered during a cop chase in Detroit on June 24th.
Callously, Detroit cops continued their high-speed chase, despite the fact that two very young children had just been run down. At no point did these bastard-ass cops cease to render any aid to the mortally wounded kids. Over the course of the deadly pursuit, three other children would also be run down. They have been identified as Darius Andrews Jr. age three, Isaiah Williams age five, and Zyaire Gardner age seven. All three of these babies survived, but were critically injured. In addition, a 22 year old woman was also struck and injured.

From left to right: Darius Andrews Jr., Isaiah Williams, and Zyaire Gardner. Critically injured in a high speed chase which proved deadly for two other neighborhood children, these three at least survived, but are now familiar with the ravages of police aggression at such an early age.


The driver of the car that cops were soo desperate to catch has been identified as Lorenzo Harris, age 29. According to reports, what little there is, Harris was on parole but apparently had not been reporting to his parole officer. This is about the only consistent fact regarding Harris. It remains unknown as to HOW Harris got authorities' attention in the first place, or WHY they deemed it soo important to capture him. Even if that meant provoking a deadly high-speed chase through a residential neighborhood full of kids - which is against the Detroit Police regime's own guidelines! Multiple reports makes no mention of an arrest warrant. Initially, Detroit Police chief James Craig claimed that one of the occupants of the [suspect]vehicle was "seen with a gun". This LIE was swiftly debunked, however, and chief Craig was forced to change his story several more times.

Another grieving Black mom: Alicia Jackson mourns the horrific and senseless loss of her two children. She now belongs to an exclusive club which NO ONE envies: mothers who've seen their children die before them.

Running from the po-po: Lorenzo Harris seen here. Having allegedly violated his parole Harris was unarmed and posed no immediate danger to the public. Nonetheless, cops saw fit the take him in... by any means. However dangerous to the public. 

Nicole Jackson, grandmother to the two slain children, seen here.

Chief Ruckus: Detroit pig-in-chief/Uncle Tom James Craig seen here.
Harris was driving a red Chevy Camaro on the day cops engaged him. There was also a passenger in that vehicle who reportedly sustained serious injuries from the crash. The  entire chase was said to have lased about 70 seconds and topped speeds at about 95 miles per hour. Such a shocking level of carnage in such a tiny splinter of time... all over what basically amounted to a fucking parole violation! Typically, the Detroit Police Terror regime has been holding out on the details. Police departments often play such tactics... especially when there is both circumstantial and physical evidence that would prove criminal intent on the part of both cops involved and decisions by their superiors. Independent, trustworthy, non-whored media source Voice Of Detroit has since filed a Freedom of Information Act request against the Detroit police, seeking answers to some key questions. 

As of now, neither the passenger in Harris' car, nor the 22 yr-old woman, nor any of the bastard-ass pigs directly involved in this unspeakable tragedy have been publicly identified. Harris was eventually arrested and now faces murder charges, in the deaths of  Michelangelo and Makiah Jackson. But let's be perfectly fucking clear, here - the DETROIT POLICE caused this travesty! THEY were the cause of this! THEY should be the ones charged! MAKE EXAMPLES OUT OF THESE GODDAMNED BASTARDS! MAKE IT PAINFUL AND MAKE IT NATIONAL!!! SET AN EXAMPLE: SHOW THAT THERE IS A SEVERE PRICE TO BE PAID WHEN YOU MURDER CIVILIANS BY DECREE ALONE - INNOCENT AND OTHERWISE!!! 

This is not "law of the corporate jungle". Everyone has rights. The same goddamned rights! Everyone has a fair and reasonable expectation on justice. NO ONE deserves to be murdered in the street on an individual's whim! Even - and this is the hard part, now - even an indefensible wretched criminal deserves the scrutiny of justice!!! Even an OFFICER UNDER THE LAW deserves the scrutiny of justice!!!!! If police cannot abide by this, as everyone else is made to, if cops cannot abide by these bare basic rights... then they should be stripped of their authority! They should be jailed. And where the law calls for it... they should be executed for their crimes! THAT GODDAMNED SIMPLE!  

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  1. Excellent opinion piece on this brutal chase. I just attended the funeral of Michaelangelo and Makiah Jackson. It was utterly heart-wrenching to see their little faces in tiny blue and pink coffins, which were half-closed. The grief of the mother and other family members is unimaginable. Voice of Detroit and others are continuing to investigate this chase and have requested from both the Police Department and the prosecutor's office office why charges have not been brought against the killer cops. See updated article at .