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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Black Therapist Tries To Aid Autistic Man - Is Shot By Cop Instead

For fuck sakes.

Here we are in the lovely state of FLORIDA once again! The state where racist vigilante murderers get rewarded, retired geezer cops get to shoot up movie theaters, and infanticide killers get completely exonerated (so long as she's a passably good-looking White woman). FL has been at the top of the crazy list for too long now, giving historically nutter states like TX and AL a run for their money. Now FL is also the state where a Black licensed therapist can lie down on his back, put his arms up, follow every officer's command... and still be SHOT

North Miami: on Monday July 18th 2016 47 year old Charles Kinsey, a behavioral therapist, was shot by a gang member of the Miami Police Gestapo(MPG). This happened as Kinsey was trying to assist a 23 year old autistic man. The young man had ran away from a near-by group home for adults with learning disabilities. The man had sat down in the street playing with a toy truck, when Kinsey attempted to calm the autistic man down. An unidentified anonymous cop-caller had made a false report to 911 dispatch about a "man waiving around a gun, might be suicidal". This description did not even remotely resemble what was actually the case, but nonetheless. 

A by-stander's cell phone video captured most of the incident, but not the shooting itself. This video was released online on Wednesday July 20th and quickly went viral. That video, along with a second video tacked on, can be viewed here. In the video, Kinsey can clearly be seen lying down on the street on his back, his arms out stretched. Kinsey can be heard pleading with officers to "NOT SHOOT!" "I'M NOT ARMED!" "THERE'S NO NEED FOR GUNS HERE!". The shooting itself was not captured on video, and so far little is publicly known about the exchange between Kinsey and the cop who shot him. The fact is, even after having pleaded with the cop, Kinsey was shot anyways, in the leg. The pig son-of-a-bitch who shot the therapist has not yet been identified. He was reported to have been armed with an AR-15 assault rifle. Kinsey says he asked why he was shot, to which the cop replied, "I don't know". After this, an injured Kinsey was flipped over on his stomach, cuffed, and made to lie there on the street for 20 minutes, until medical aid was finally rendered. 

Charles Kinsey seen here, demonstrating to reporters how he continued to have his hands up, even as cops shot him for no apparent reason.

Talking to local reporters from his hospital bed in Miami, Kinsey recounted the entire near-fatal interaction: "I was really more worried about him (the autistic man) than myself," Kinsey said. "I was thinking as long as I have my hands up... they're not going to shoot me. This is what I'm thinking, they're not going to shoot me. Wow, was I WRONG!"

At the time of this entry, Kinsey recovers from a police gunshot wound to his leg. He faces no criminal charges. No harm is known to have come to his autistic patient, who also remains unidentified. The pig who shot Kinsey is on paid vacation, while the incident is under investigation. Kinsey is very lucky to still be ALIVE and able to tell his story. Kinsey was no doubt acutely aware of the epidemic of innocent Black men having been arbitrarily murdered by terrorist cops all over the country. Even though he was doing nothing but his job, Kinsey's survival technique of lying down on his back with his hands up the moment cops appeared is almost certainly what saved his life. It's more difficult for a cop to aim "center mass" when a person is lying down. 

More on this later...      

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