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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Terrorist Cops Arrest Black Man... After Posting Video of Sterling Murder!

Earlier this month, OD covered (among other things) the police murder of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LO. Sterling's murder had been captured on both a citizen's cell phone video and by CCTV footage from the corner store, in front of which Sterling was killed. The owner of that store, Abdullah Muflahi, has faced his own police terrorist retribution, including the illegal seizing of his store's footage. Now news comes out of another man, in another state, who shared the cell phone video of Sterling's murder... and has been retaliated against himself! 

34 year Christopher LeDay had widely shared the graphic video of Sterling's murder on July 6th. It was sent to him by a friend who lives in Baton Rouge, where LeDay also has roots. LeDay, a musician and current resident of Atlanta, GA, was one of the first people to have helped make the video go viral, sharing it with thousands of followers on social media. For this, police terrorists took revenge on him. LeDay is also an Air Force veteran who is/was employed at Dobbins Air Reserve base. One day after LeDay posted the video, he went into work only to be illegally detained by military cops. He was handcuffed, shackled, and told that he had a warrant for an "assault and battery" charge. This was ludicrous, as LeDay had never been arrested, charged , nor summoned to court for an assault charge. So even before we get down to the meat of the matter, these loathsome pigs are already fucking with him... out of sadistic pleasure, one can only assume. After a short while, LeDay was finally told what the real pretext had been: traffic tickets. That's literally it. A sting operation was set up, involving nearly a dozen military cops, to arrest a man right before entering work, handcuffed and shackled - as one would've shackle a slave in olde plantation Georgia - all over unpaid traffic tickets from two years ago... let that sink in for just a bit.      

HERO: Chris LeDay seen here recounting his unjust experience with Democracy Now!

HERO: Abdullah Muflahi seen here in front of his 'Triple S' store where Sterling was murdered.

LeDay was held in custody at a DeKalb County gulag for 26 hours until he paid a $1200 extortion fee. But that's not all this is costing him. LeDay's job at Dobbins Air Reserve base requires high security clearance. Not easy to get. The 34 year old LeDay had never been arrested, with those allegedly delinquent traffic tickets having been his only infraction. He is also an Air Force vet with an honorable discharge. Yet, this humiliating and vengeful arrest on bogus charges has not only cost LeDay his security clearance, but it has also cost him his job altogether. This is what you get here in America: tell the truth, expose terrorist cops for their crimes, and you get falsely arrested. You get humiliated. You get FIRED

Of course, this isn't the first time criminal cops have retaliated against a citizen for daring to expose police crimes. Ramsey Orta captured what has since become one of the most graphic and high-quality police snuff murders of an innocent man ever. Orta's cell phone video of Eric Garner's murder by NYC police terrorists invoked global outrage and massive protests. For this, Orta and his family have faced contentious harassment and terror tactics by cops to this day. To date, Orta himself has been falsely arrested multiple times on a variety of bogus trumped up charges. Orta is the only person involved in Garner's brutal murder, who has ever faced criminal charges as a direct result... and he's the guy who RECORDED it! Currently, Orta is suing the city of New York for $10 million. Here's hoping he wins every dime! Garner was killed on July 17th over two years ago. To this day, none of the pigs involved have faced criminal charges, and none have lost their jobs.

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