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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Local Lunatic Pulls Gun on BLM Activists

As mentioned in the last entry, a local lunatic went all ham recently, placing many innocent people in harm's way. Thankfully, no one was killed this time, including the perpetrator himself. White privilege goes a long way...

The week of July 3rd - 9th has been pretty active. First were the twin police murders of two innocent Black men - Anton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LO on Tuesday July 5th. Then the murder of Philando Castile in St. Anthony, MN on July 6th. These two horrendous acts of police terrorism resulted in nation-wide outrage and protests. One such action took place in Dallas TX on July 7th. It was here where five gang members of the Dallas Police Gestapo(DPG) were subsequently purged by military vet, marine, and hero Micah Xavier Johnson. That same day, actions were also taking place here in Portland, OR. An emergency rally had been organised by Don't Shoot Portland and local Black Lives Matter activists, to address the murders of Sterling and Castile earlier in the week. 

A "counter-protester" was also present at this event. Local right-winger, Donald Trump boot-licker, and white supremacist Michael Strickland had been agitating the crowd, attempting to provoke a violent confrontation. When the dirtbag's tactics were appearing to not have their desired affect, that's when Strickland pulled out a loaded gun and pointed it at unarmed people. 

True face of terrorism: Mike Strickland seen here, pointing his glock at unarmed protesters during actions Thursday afternoon.

This alarming and potentially deadly incident was all captured on video, which can be viewed here. Several people had gotten Strickland away from the crowd, potentially saving lives while putting their own in harm's way. Strickland, who was also carrying several extra clips on him at the time, was arrested and taken into custody by Portland police a few minutes later. Surprisingly, these officers did not fill Strickland with dozens of bullet holes on sight... oh wait, Strickland is WHITE! Never mind! No one was harmed during this otherwise peaceful action. Strickland himself is a self-described "freelance journalist" who really just goes around with his video camera, recording people and starting shit. He's a neo-fascist libertarian right-winger who's been known to stalk, harass, and menace citizens during progressive and leftists street actions in the NW for years. He's had a particular hard-on for BLM activists, demonstrating his racist tendencies. Strickland also has a youtube channel called "Laughing At Liberals" where he posts his videos, and has gone by the same handle as a commentor on various news articles, including Willamette Week. That channel can be viewed here

At the time of this entry, Strickland remains in custody at the InJustice center here in Portland on $250,000 bond. He faces several criminal complaints, including menacing and disorderly conduct. The glock 27 handgun Strickland pulled out is reported to have been legally registered to him. Time will tell whether he loses his concealed permit, as well as the weapon itself. 

The mainstream corporate whore media will have YOU think that America's greatest threats are posed by:

A) Islamic extremists
B) Scaaary Black men

This is horseshit, of course. And if you're reading this, then you most likely know this as well. No, the TRUE threat to this country (other than globalist imperialism) are ARMED CONSERVATIVE WHITE MALES! Don't let false-flag shootings in Orlando fool you - most mass murders in America are carried out by White men! Typically, these men range in age from late teens to late 50's. Most of them are conservative, homophobic, hateful of women, of immigrants, of progressives, and thoroughly racist to their rotten core. Most seem to have an extensive presence on-line, even the less sophisticated ones. Strickland, 36, fits this profile to a tee! Like many others of his kind, he has been egging on a confrontation for years, and is well documented as doing such. On Thursday July 7th, he crossed a line, but he is not going to stop there, mark my words! Strickland may be in jail at the moment, but he is still ALIVE. He is being protected, he is afforded due process, an attorney, and his dates in court. This is all much more than can be said for:

Trayvon Martin - crime: wearing hoodie, walking, ??? punishment: DEATH.
Eric Garner - crime: selling loose cigarettes. punishment: DEATH.
John Crawford - crime: shopping. punishment: DEATH.
Tamir Rice - crime: playing with toy gun in playground. punishment: DEATH
Michael Brown - crime: walking. punishment: DEATH.
Aiyana Jones - crime: sleeping. punishment: DEATH.
Aaron Campbell - crime: doing EXACTLY what police were telling him to do. punishment: DEATH.
Samuel Dubose - crime: not having a front license plate on his vehicle. punishment: DEATH.
Sandra Bland - crime: asserting her rights. punishment: DEATH.
Darrien Hunt - crime: cosplay. punishment: DEATH.
Freddy Gray - crime: running for his life. punishment: DEATH.
Walter Scott - crime: running for his life. punishment: DEATH.
Alton Sterling - crime: selling cds. punishment: DEATH.
Philando Castile - crime: driving, perfectly obeying the law. punishment: DEATH.

None of these cases and many countless others have ever received due process, nor benefit of doubt, nor presumption of innocence. You get the point. This goes on and on...        

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