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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Black Vet Reaps Vengeance On Dallas Cops - One Week Anniversary

I haven't had the time to give this the attention it deserved, as several major nation-wide events were unfolding. So I thought today was a great time to do this. Today marks the one-week anniversary a Black army veteran struck fear in the hearts of Dallas cops and corrupt, terrorist law enforcement everywhere. And as virtually all of the media go into hysterical fits smearing this person's character, his heroic deeds and his ultimate martyrdom shall always be remembered. 

On Thursday July 7th, 2016, an ex-military vet named Micah Xavier Johnson got fed up with the inhumane levels of injustice heaped upon People of Color in this country. As a former army vet who reportedly served from 2009 to 2015, Johnson was once tasked to carry out the bidding of the American Empire as well as corporate interests. After all, that is what the U.S. military is all about - has nothing to do with "defense". His time in included a tour in Afghanistan. But rather than bring harm to innocent people over there, Johnson made a decision to neutralize some actual terrorists here instead. And good for him! Following the police murders of Atlon Streling in Baton Rouge on Tuesday July 5th, and Philando Castile of St. Anthony, MN on Wednesday July 6th, America found itself in the grip of turmoil. Many protests and street actions were taking place all over the country. Dallas, TX was no exception. A peaceful demonstration organized by BLM and other affinity groups was being held in down town Dallas. As usual, this came with a massive, heavy-handed, and heavily armed police presence. Johnson, a trained tactician with sniper capabilities, positioned himself at El Centro college for maximum strategic advantage. He was reported to have been armed with an SKS semi-automatic assault rifle, a hand gun, and was wearing body armor. It was from this vantage point where he reportedly shot 12 gang members of the Dallas Police Gestapo(DPG), wasting 5 and injuring seven others. Desperate and in fear (for a change), lowdown Dallas cops attempted to negotiate a "surrender" with the sniper. Lying, mainstream corporate-whore media would have you believe that these talks had "broken down". The truth is, as both a solider and a Black man, Johnson was acutely aware of one fact: in such situations, police terrorists never take prisoners! Just ask Christopher Dorner

Get-R-Done: This is an SKS Norinco semi-auto assault rifle. It is the same or similar to the weapon Johnson used in last Thursday's deadly shooting with Dallas cops.

Johnson knew he would never be allowed to leave that building alive. He was in this to the very end, and he was prepared for Valhalla. Eventually, cops used a robot to deliver a brick of C-4 explosive close enough to Johnson, which was then detonated, killing him in the process. This is significant, because it is the first time such a method has been used to kill a wanted person on American soil. Still working out the kinks on those drones, eh? Such bomb-equipped robots have routinely been used by the U.S. military as unmanned weapons in war zones... killing both militant combatants and innocent civilians alike. So once again, a WEAPON OF WAR initially intended for military application has also been borrowed by police regimes here for "urban pacification". Years of marine conditioning and special ops training turned Johnson into an effective killing machine. Those barely educated, dimwit cops in Dallas were no match for this 'Black Terminator', so they pretty much had to use a bomb. Police surveillance drones already occupy the skies over this country, mostly over Black urban areas. It is only a matter of time before those pesky legal/civil liberty issues are worked out, so that these drones can be weaponized and employed against American citizens (drones had been one of the options considered during the manhunt for hero Chris Dorner back in 2013. Eventually, after surrounding him in a cabin in Northern CA, police terrorists opted to burn him alive. Similar method was used against MOVE in 1985).


The shooting first started shortly after 9:00 that Thursday night. Several hours later, Micah X. Johnson was martyred in his final act of service. He was 25 years old. He, like others before him, shall never be forgotten. Though his actions may have been extreme, one must remember that these are extreme times we are living in. One might argue that the slow genocide of People of Color at the filthy hands of wretched cops is also extreme. When one has no other preferable, non-violent options, what on Earth is one left with? You take away a man's options and provide NO alternative, can one really blame him in whatever actions he takes next?

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