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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cop Named In Kinsey Shooting

Last week OD covered the police shooting of a Black health care worker and therapist in Miami, FL named Charles Kinsey. Kinsey was attempting to calm down an autistic man who had run out into the street from a mental health facility. That's when an anonymous cop-caller made a false report to 911 of "a suicidal man with a gun". Of course this was far from true, and when cops showed up, Kinsey did everything in his power to chill the situation. For his troubles, Kinsey was shot in the leg, handcuffed, and forced to lie on the street in 90+ degree weather for 20 minutes with a bullet wound. At the time, the pig responsible for this attempted murder had not yet been identified. Now he has

Bastard-ass pig Jonathan Aledda is a gang member of the Miami Police Gestaspo(MPG). He is 30 years old and is reported to have been aligned with the Miami police regime for four years. Aledda is the pig who can be seen in [now famous viral] video barking orders at both Kinsey and the 23 year old autistic man. The 47 year old behavioral therapist pleads with cops, telling them that neither he nor his patient have any weapons, that guns are not needed. The young autistic man (still officially unidentified, but in video Kinsey can be heard referring to the young man as 'Renoldo') was playing with a toy truck. This is what was apparently mistaken as a "gun". In the video, Kinsey can clearly be seen laying down with his back on the pavement, arms out stretched to show cops he is of NO threat. Despite all this, pig Aledda fires his weapon at Kinsey, hitting him in the leg. Aledda was armed with an AR-15 assault rifle. The Miami police regime released a statement later, saying that [officer]Aledda was actually trying to fire at the autistic man in order to "protect" Kinsey, but "accidentally" hit Kinsey in the leg instead. 

That's the best excuse these bastard-ass pigs can come up with. That they were really trying to kill a heavyset retarded man playing with a toy truck, but almost killed another totally innocent man by mistake. OOPS! OUR BAD! Jesus fuck, these goddamned pigs are beyond despicable! 

And like most of these horrific cases, the more you find out, the more goddamned awful it becomes. According to news reports, Aledda was a member of the SWAT unit in Miami. The filthy pig also has academic qualifications in nursing and health studies! Aledda reportedly earned his nursing certificate in 2008. Yet despite his certification, Aledda went ahead with his "standard arresting procedure" of Kinsey. This involved turning Kinsey on his stomach, handcuffing him, and forcing him to lie there in the street for at least 20 minutes, until medical aid was rendered. A gunshot victim with a bullet hole in his leg this whole time. 

[Eventually] Kinsey was taken to a hospital, treated, and released. His has not faced any criminal charges, as he has done nothing wrong. So far as is known, no harm has come to the 23 year old retarded man. For his direct role on the attempted murder, pig Aledda received paid vacation while an investigation is underway. A second cop on the scene that day - commander Emile Hollant - has been suspended without pay. This was reportedly because pig Hollant provided misleading statements to investigators. So basically what that shows is this: the pig who actually SHOT an innocent person, because he missed while trying to murder another innocent person, gets paid vacation. But the pig who LIED about it gets suspended - no pay. Does that not demonstrate how twisted this whole system is??? 

The questions few folks seem to be asking are these: WHY were cops even present in the first place?! WHY would someone call 911, claiming that a retarded man with a toy truck was "suicidal"?! Who on Earth would even mistake a toy truck for a gun?!?! Who is the 911 cop-caller? Why has this asshole not been identified yet, and WHY is he/she not facing criminal charges for filing a false report... if not as an accessory to attempted murder?!?!?! 

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