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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Portland Cops Gone Wild - New Years Additon!

One Portland cop is under investigation and another has been arrested following accounts of criminal acts over the New Years holiday. Surprise, surprise!  

As first reported on OregonLive, officer Alfonso Valadez is under internal investigation for having the balls (and idiocy) to appear in a You Tube video displaying some unethical and possibly criminal acts. The video was first uploaded to YT on Dec. 31st, but has since been taken down (cowards, typical). The video was reported to have been made by "Ghetto Productions", but was removed as of Jan. 3rd. However, copies of it were e-mailed to several media outlets before hand.

In it, Valadez is reported to have been the "star" of the production, shooting off his service weapon at a range while referring to himself as one "tough son-of-a-bitch" cop. Well no doubt this pig's one SOB, alright. In another scene, Valadez is shown in uniform strutting around the city - supposedly on patrol. In yet another scene, he's seen pushing an unidentified suspect or arrestee into either a jail's booking area or detox room. Valadez, a Portland cop since April 2011, is under investigation for misconduct, one could guess. However, he is still on active duty and is currently assigned to the city's East Prescient.

 A Portland-based youtube channel for "Ghetto Productions" could not be confirmed to date.    


Dirty NYE Portland cop #2 is officer Homero Reynaga. A 15-year veteran of the Portland Police Gestapo (PPG), this sloppy-looking pig was arrested in Taulatin just outside Portland on Tuesday Dec. 31st after picking a fight with a citizen and vandalizing that person's vehicle. Reynaga was taken into custody by Tualatin police an booked in Clackamas County on one count of second-degree criminal mischief. He was given a Jan. 3oth court date and released shortly afterwards. He is also under investigation and is currently on "administrative leave (paid vacation)" - courtesy of the PPG.


Reynaga had already been on two years probation stemming from a prior May 2012 DUII arrest in Salem, OR. At that time, Reynaga had a blood-alcohol level of .24, which is three times the legal limit in Oregon. Judging by his *mug shot, he was pretty damned destroyed at the time of his [latest] arrest as well. Though he still has his job, according to reports Reynaga has at least been stripped of all active police powers, pending investigation.


One last word of thought.

It is rare for cops to be disciplined for anything, much less lose their jobs. Homero Reynaga will most likely lose his and make no mistake, he damn well deserves to (he may still get to draw a pension, having been a cop for 15 years). Alfonzo Valadez on the other hand, will probably be alright. And that's really saying something. Even though Reynaga had been arrested (again) and has been stripped of all police duties pending investigation, Valadez is still walking his beat and still making contact with the public. Reynaga is guilty of vandalizing his neighbor's car and being a drunk piece-of-shit in general. However, there is more damning evidence that Valadez is more of a violent, dangerous thug. There is apparently video evidence of Valadez abusing his authority, and shoving a detained citizen. If this evidence pans out, then HE should be not only fired but prosecuted for assault!

It seems like about the only time these pigs ever lose their jobs is over pissant "disciplinary" issues, misconduct, sexual misconduct (against other officers or civilian staff, as was the case of former Portland police chief Derrick Foxworth), being a whistleblower, etc. 
Misdemeanors, in other words. And breaking the law while off-duty tends to work against cops more often. Beating, torturing, strangling, raping, and murdering citizens, shooting children, seniors, and pets, breaking arms and sending innocent people to ER in critical condition... NONE of these atrocities seem to go anywhere near as far for getting a cop fired! Reynaga fucked up, plain and simple. Had he simply gunned down that neighbor of his or in Valadezs' case, beaten the shit out of someone in booking, and done so in uniform, he'd be alright too. No one would even be able to see his horrible pig-faced mugshot.  

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