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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kelly Killer Pig-Beast Wants His Job Back... WHAT?!

You've gotta hand it to Glasseye, this pig has got some fuckin' BALLS!

Former Fullerton officer Jay "Glasseye" Cicinelli, one of two cops acquitted in the beating murder of Kelly Thomas is now attempting to get his old job back. WOW!

Murdering an innocent, helpless man and GETTING AWAY WITH THAT MAN'S MURDER is simply not enough for this monster, is it? Goes to show you that these pigs, these creatures are utterly shameless beyond believe! Here's hoping this dirty bastard-ass beast is never employed again! Let him stay jobless and become homeless. That way, some time in the future another gang of cops will beat his sorry ass to DEATH!  

Glasseyed pig-beast, seen here.

And just what the fuck is up with this dude's EYE, anyways??? Was he born looking like Frankenstein's Monster, or was he shot in the face, or something? Very piggish features, indeed. Though he may have gotten away with murder, one thing's for sure - I would not trade places with this son-of-a-bitch for anything on Earth!

Sucks to be him right about now.

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