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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Filthy, Anti-Gay Pig-Beasts Stage "Uprising" in UT

The ratchet state of Utah is a special kind of 'fucked up', but more on that later.

In addition to their racism and sexism/misogyny, cops are also known for their profound, vitriolic HOMOPHOBIA. Attacking and murdering People of Color is a common part of the policeman's history. So is sexual assault and molestation of women. For historical context of the policeman's attacks on the Queer community, one needn't look any further than Stonewall.

Recently gay marriage (*aka* 'marriage') has been at the center of a broiling debate in Utah. On Friday Dec. 20th 2013 U.S. District judge Robert J. Shelby, based in Salt Lake City, issued a ruling that struck down UT's ban on same-sex marriage, declaring it UNCONSTITUTIONAL and rightfully so. Given the fact that UT is a slime bucket cesspool of Mormon filth (Mormons tend to be even more fanatically, violently homophobic than even the rest of their christian counterparts), the ruling was surprising. About 1300 LGBT couples rushed to exchange wedding vows at court houses across the state.     
Ruth Hackford-Peer, right, and Kim Hackford-Peer are married by Rev. Curtis Price, while hugging their two children in the lobby of the Salt Lake County Clerk's Office on Dec. 20.

Surprisingly, the sky did not fall. Nonetheless, Mormon bigots hoped that a "higher power" would intervene. They got their wish [momentarily] in the form of the Supreme Court putting a hold on Judge Shelby's ruling, immediately putting a halt to any further state-wide gay marriages and placing in legal limbo the 1300 marriages that had occur since Dec. 20th (note: 6 of the 9 Supreme Court justices are Roman Catholics. Catholics are but second to Mormons in terms of homophobia - fyi).

 Since then, U.S. attorney general Eric Holder announced that the marriages would be recognized by the federal government and may be entitled to federal benefits. Meanwhile, the ACLU is preparing a lawsuit challenging UT's senseless opposition to marriage equality. With a battle for equal and Civil rights now underway in UT, the Gestapo have started to mobilize: enter Richard Mack.

Former sheriff Richard Mack is the full package - a fanatical cop, a Mormon activist/zealot, and unrepentant redneck bigot. Born in Arizona (another fucked up state), Mack spent the early part of his worthless law enforcement career as a low-down cop in Provo, UT, a small shithill Mormon enclave about 43 miles south of Salt Lake City. He attended Brigham Young University, an un-accredited racist college based in Provo. He's also a member of the Church of jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saints, a large and very dangerous Mormon cult founded in UT. Mack also carries water for the Oath Keepers, an extremist right-wing, "patriot", armed militia-esque, domestic terrorist organization. In 1988 Mack moved back to AZ to become sheriff of Graham county. During his tenure as a dirty AZ sheriff, he also attended the FBI Nationalist Academy, which makes him officially fed'd. In fact, this pig seems to have intimate connections in both UT and AZ. Born in AZ, he aligns with the Mormon cult and becomes a cop in UT. Goes back to AZ to become a sheriff, his closest counterpart being none other than No. 1 arch fucking nemesis Joe Arpaio. Eventually, Mack would go back to UT, bringing a crusading gestapo with him, to wage a culture war against LGBT persons under the thin guise of "states' rights"

AZ pig Arpaio - one of Mack's closest allies.

In addition to being a fanatical cop and religious cult member, Mack is also a Libertarian right-wing fascist authoritarian who's known for his political stance regarding "state's rights", gun control, and racist nationalism.

"Oath Keepers" - domestic terrorist group to which Sheriff Mack belongs.

On Saturday Jan. 4th, Mack, flanked by a group of fascist cops called the "Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association" held a rally in Highland, UT. The purpose of the ad-hoc klan rally was a direct reaction to the very recent debate over same-sex marriage in the state. During the event, Mack and fellow pigs called upon law enforcement all over the state to "uphold the Constitution" and "carry out the rights of the state against the federal government". In other words, the state of Utah has and maintains the "right" to prohibit the Civil and human rights of individuals and how dare some commie federal "activist" judge try and violate state sovereignty!  Sheriff Mack's uprising actually saw little turn-out, other that a modest number of fellow homophobes and curious on-lookers, eager and nosy to ogle the ensuing train wreck. The clown car klan gathering of fascist current and ex-cops did little to change anyone's minds, but they did succeed at gaining a great deal of national coverage. But perhaps that's what these freaks sought more than anything else, anyways.

The fight for marriage equality - in UT as well as the rest of the country - rages on with Queer people gaining more and more ground. Here's hoping they (as well as their straight comrades) continue to win their battles. As filthy low-down pigs such as Sheriff Mack demonstrate, these battles will be hard fought!

Pig-beast/homophobic human waste Sheriff Richard Mack, seen here.


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