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Friday, January 24, 2014

Pig-Monster Flips, Slaughters Whole Family/Self

Why does this shit seem to happen in the most fucked-up states?

So we're back in Utah again and this latest act of horrifying police terrorism comes in the form of a cop who, supposedly without any warning, just up and murdered his wife, two young children, and mother-in-law, before blowing his own head off. A gruesome murder/suicide that's shocking even by typical cop standards!

This atrocity happened on Thursday Jan. 16th 2014 in Spanish Fork, UT, a small city of about 35,000 people close to Provo (home to Brigham Young University). The mastermind behind this unspeakable crime was officer Joshua Boren, 34, of the Lindon police gestapo (Lindon and Spanish Fork both appear to be two very small cities located right next to each other. Both lie within Utah County and are part of the Provo-Metropolitan area) there. Boren also moon-lighted as a parole officer, and when co-workers reported that he did not show up for his night shift, police were dispatched on a courtesy call. When they visited his home, one cop had looked through a window and noticed blood and shell casings on the floor. Alarmed, they entered the two-story house. It was then that Boren's fellow comrades discovered the five bodies Thursday night.  

In addition to Boren's own corpse w/ self-inflicted gunshot wound, the victims are:

Marie King, 55 - Boren's mother-in-law
Kelly Boren, 32 - his wife.
Joshua "Jaden" Boren, 7 - his son.
Haley Boren, 5 - daughter.

Typically, cops simply reserve to beating their own family, while murdering women and children who aren't immediately related to them. And while it is not unprecedented for these monsters to murder their own wife and children, it remains a rare phenomenon.

Family wiped out: the sick murderer, Joshua Boren, seen here with his family. Presumably, during happier times.

Mother and child dead: Kelly Boren, with daughter Haley.

First son gone: Mother Kelly, pictured with her son Josh Jr.

Utter tragedy: Mother-in-law, grandmother Marie King.

According to a Lindon police lieutenant, Josh Boren and his wife were experiencing marital problems over the past few months. However, fellow cops have claimed that Boren seemed "up-beat" in just the last few weeks before he slaughtered his family and committed suicide. Apparently, there were no warning signs that would have indicated any serious issues regarding the killer cop's mental state. Further more, it has not been revealed that Boren was under any sort of investigation or scandal. No suicide note was found at the scene of the massacre.  

Lindon police officials have said that Boren worked for the Utah County sheriff's dept. for 7 years before being hired on to the Lindon police in Oct. 2013. Lindon is a tiny town of just over 10,000 citizens with a police force of 15 uniformed officers (now 14). It is located right next to Spanish Fork, which is where Boren and his dead family once lived.

Absent any answers or motive, speculations are running wild as to what could have driven Boren to do it. Thing is, small towns do strange things to people... to their psyche. It can be very hard on anyone to have to endure... but for cops especially. In a small town like Lindon, UT - employed to a force of 15 to patrol over such a tiny village of virtually all White people, with no Blacks, Latinos, homeless, or street kids to taze, shoot, or beat the shit out of. One might summarize that the sheer boredom alone was what drove Boren to psychotic madness.

There really isn't much more to add to this for now. A seemingly happy family has been exterminated in an instant and [so far] no body seems to know why. The pig-monster who did this left no warning signs, no note, and no indication that he would do such a thing.  It is tragic and heart-breaking and fucked up and there isn't a damned thing anyone can do about it. Yet another pig who gets away with it.

All one can take from this is, if THIS is how these monsters - the police - regard their own families, then what the fuck chance do the rest of us have??? Lock and load... your life may depend on it!

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