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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Retired Cop Guns Down Dad in Theater... Over TEXTING?!

Ok, here we go again!

In this latest act of horrifying police terrorism, 71 year old retired cop Curtis Reeves Jr. was in a movie theater when another man was texting during the previews, the previews. Reeves became soo infuriated that he pulled out a concealed gun and blew this man away right there in the theater, jesus fuck!  

On Monday January 13th, 71 year old retired PIG Curtis Reeves Jr. was in the Cobb Grove 16 movie theater in Wesley Chapel, FL (Tampa Bay metro area) about to watch the film 'Lone Survivor'. Reeves had his wife and son, a cop himself, with him at the time. Another man, Chad Oulson, 43, was said to have been texting his 3 year old daughter's babysitter during the PREVIEWS, before the feature itself had started. According to witnesses, Reeves had gone to theater management to whine about Oulson texting. When he failed to get his way, Reeves returned to pick a fight with Oulson, who's wife Nicole Oulson was with him. Oulson, refusing to be bullied, stood up for himself. The two men (well, one man and one pig-ass coward) began arguing and at some point, Oulson was alledged to have thrown popcorn at Reeves. Reeves then pulled a .380-caliber pistol from his pants pocket and shot Oulson point-blank. 

Movie killer: Curtis Reeves, seen in bullet-proof vest during court hearing following killing. Chad Oulson and wife Nicole, insert.

In an instinctive yet feeble attempt to protect her husband, Nicole tried in vain to shield Oulson. Reeves shot through her hand, the bullet hitting Chad Oulson in the chest. He died at an area hospital a short time later. 

Reeves was arrested on 2nd degree murder charges, despite the ex-cop's claims that he "feared for his life" and that he was "defending himself". The feature film hadn't even begun yet when Oulson and his wife were shot.

 What we have here is yet another COWARD, a THUG who attempted to bully a random person, and when that person stood their ground, this piece-of-shit human pulls out a gun and shoots him dead. And in FL too... GEE, sound familiar???

It should also be noted that the theater in which the shooting had taken place has signs that prohibit patrons from bringing concealed weapons into the building. So this former "top cop" blatantly disregarded theater policy and likely did so repeatedly, this was his first crime. Reeves was initially denied bail during his first court appearance on Tuesday, Jan. 14th. and was denied bail again during a later hearing. Reeves remains in jail where he belongs as of Jan. 22nd.

Movie killer: Retired cop Cutis Reeves, seen here in what appears to be a bullet-proof vest.

Father murdered: Chad Oulson, seen here with his wife and daughter.

Nicole and Chad Oulson were waiting to see the movie 'Lone Survivor' at the Tampa-area theater on Monday when Chad's texting during the previews led to a violent confrontation, authorities said. 

Crime scene: Movie theater where Reeves shot an unarmed, defenseless Oulson to death over texting.
Oulson, 43, died from a single gunshot blast to the chest. His wife, who had her hand on him during the deadly encounter, was wounded. 

Some of Reeves' long-time friends have defended the pig's honor, lamenting on what a "nice", church-going man he was. However, other people have commented on the geriatric cop's 'dark side'. Former comrades claimed that Reeves, during his patrol days, was known to be kind of a dick, even by typical cop standards. Shortly after retiring as a police captain in 1993, Reeves became a security director at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL. Former co-workers at the theme park described Reeves as a stark, stiff authoritarian as well as a control freak who impressed corporate management, but fostered fear and discontent with his fellow staff.

Reeves' family and buddies might say they've only known him as a "nice guy", but this bloodthirsty pig has a history up to very recent that suggests otherwise. Since the senseless Jan. 13th murder of Oulson, a woman identified as Jamira Dixon has come forward, accusing Reeves threatening her in the very same theater during a screening of 'The Hobbit' back on Dec. 28th 2013.

"It could have been us." Jamira Dixon recounts her run-in/near-miss with a volatile Reeves just weeks prior to Oulson being gunned down.
Dixon and her husband, Michael, right were at the same theater with their family on Dec. 28. She said Reeves grew irate when she and another man started texting during a showing of the 'The Hobbit.'

Oulson's wife Nicole, now a widow, gives an interview here:

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