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Friday, November 8, 2013

Dirty Portland Cop Accused of Terrorizing Ex-Wives

Regarding the Portland Police Gestapo, Jason Lobaugh isn't quite as notorious a name as Christopher Humphreys (James Chasse killer) or Mark Kruger (Nazi cop, literally). But it damn well ought to be! This pig has quite the history, he does. 

    Offc. Jason Lobaugh

Lobaugh most notably came to light back in Sept. 2013 when he was the subject of a Willamette Week article addressing his brazen jury tampering. In that article, Lobaugh was said to have been approaching potential jurors to a theft trial to which he was to be a witness. He would "chat up" these jurors, telling them that the officer (referring to himself) they would be listening to on the stand is a real "stand-up guy" and "out-standing", among other things. One juror would later comment to WW in an interview that, he felt as if he had been intimidated by [Officer] Lobaugh. 

Jury tampering is 100 % illegal, so you know. Despite this, Lobaugh (not surprisingly) has not been fired or reprimanded in any way. Of course, any regular citizen  who would dare do such a thing would be facing criminal prosecution and jail time... but that's neither here nor there. Lobaugh was promoted to detective in Sept. 2012, even after years of documented violence, tort claims, and drug abuse (more on all that, later). It was during this period that he engaged in the jury-tampering incident. Lobaugh has since been busted back down to beat cop, and his sorry ass is now parked at a desk in the "phone-answering" unit (detention for asshole cops who keep acting up, but no real punishment to be clear).

Sloppy cop Jason Lobaugh, seen here with his shirt un-tucked

 Lobaugh is under an Internal Affairs investigation however, due to the jury-tampering incident. And it has recently come out that Lobaugh's ex-wife, Laurie Grant, had filed a complaint against him last November, accusing him of repeated unauthorized visits to her home and attempting to take their son away. A court-ordered parenting plan had been arraigned, and Lobaugh kept violating this order, Grant alleges. She also accuses her ex of threatening violence and that she filed the complaint because she feared for her safety. And according to another WW article, Grant filed another complaint against him this past summer, accusing the cop of coming to her home again and threatening violence against both her and her new husband. Not only that, but it has also been revealed that Grant called police in 2008, claiming that Lobaugh threatened her [then] 17 year-old son (stepson to Lobaugh) and kicked the teenager in the lower back. Despite assaulting a minor, criminal charges were never filed. Grant and the 17 year-old also told police that Lobaugh once threw boiling water in Grant's face. Charges over this assault/attempted maiming were also never filed.

OregonLive article:

And it has also come out that Lobaugh's other ex-wife, Nicole Gibson, filed a complaint against him! Gibson called deputies back in July this year when Lobaugh showed up - unauthorized - to pick up their teenage daughter. According to a police report, Gibson had legal custody of the child during the summer, so Lobaugh had no right to take her. When she put up resistance Lobaugh was said to have become enraged, sticking out his chest and his face turning red.


Clearly, Jason Lobaugh is a dangerous, violent bully with serious rage issues. He's racked up 16 tort claims since 1995, all of them involving his violent tendencies. And terrorizing his family has been only some of his crimes.  

- In Oct. 2006, Lobaugh was seen in front of many witnesses tasering a young Black man, then kicking him (a habit, it seems) when he was already down. 

- In March of this year, the city of Portland agreed to a $50,402 settlement stemming from an Aug. 2011 incident in which Lobaugh, in his police cruiser, rammed into motorcyclist. 

- In Sept. 2000, Lobaugh was taken to the emergency room for an overdose of GBH - and illegal narcotic. ER staff suspected the notorious hothead was juicing up on steroids, and that he took the GBH drug in order to offset "post-workout insomnia".  


Daryl "TOM" Turner, president of the Portland Police Union, defends every single one of Lobaugh's crimes, particularly Lobaugh threatening and assaulting his family. According to this miserable worthless piece-of-shit Turner: "Lobaugh doesn't have an anger problem. He has a problem picking wives." Lovely.

Targeting Cops has covered Turner before, notorious for making some pretty vile statements in interviews, as well as defending some of the worse cops Portland has even known. So his opinion regarding Lobaugh is expected... even though in Sept. 2000 [then undercover officer] Turner was sent into a "Max Muscle" store in Beaverton, in order to try and bust Lobaugh's dope-dealer.

"Investigators tried to bust Lobaugh's suspected supplier by sending undercover officer Daryl Turner to the Max Muscle store in Beaverton. As Turner was poised to buy some suspected GHB, Lobaugh entered and realized what was going on. He exited and immediately used his cell phone to call the man working the counter, putting a halt to the buy. The man told police that Lobaugh warned him Turner was an undercover cop."

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