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Monday, November 4, 2013

NYPD Pig Suicides in front of Brooklyn Station - GOOD!

It's been studiously proclaimed before that the only "good" cop is indeed dead cop. Well, here is one awesome cop

The cop who offed himself just shortly after bringing in an alleged robbery suspect has been identified as Sergeant Robert Cedeno, 41. The suicide happened on Thursday Oct. 31st. Either this was a case of the burden of guilt bearing down too heavily (and Hell knows, NYPD gestapo have an awful lot to be guilty of), or, the lousy bastard profiled himself and simply acted in accordance with his formal training/natural instinct.

One good cop...

In any case... good riddance! One less pig to terrorize innocent citizens, particularly those of New York city - many of whom have suffered some of the most horrifying and infamous cases of police terrorism in the country.  

But this is an interesting case because it brings [back] to light another suicide of an NYPD cop which occurred in October 2008. Except in that cop's case, it definitely was an issue of the burden of guilt (and cowardice)!

Susan PIGott, widow, holding a portrait of her dead husband

On Sept. 24th 2008 NYPD Lieutenant Michael PIGottgave the order to taser an innocent man who posed zero danger and was in mental distress. That man's name was Iman Morales, 35. Morales was on the ledge of a second-story building in NYC and naked when NYC gestapo surrounded him. PIGott ordered another officer to taser Morales. When this happened, the victim fell to his death. 

Police tasering/murder victim, Iman Morales

Prior to his murder, Morales had been diagnosed as being bipolar as well as suffering from schizophrenia. Shortly after the police killing, Lt. PIGott was ordered to hand in his gun, badge, and placed on paid vacation (desk duty). On Oct. 2nd, eight days after ordering Morales' execution, PIGott broke into another officer's storage locker, stole a 9-millimeter Glock service weapon, and shot himself in the head. He turned 46 that day.

Lt. Michael PIGott hiding out in his backyard

Even though he expressed (or at least feigned) remorse over Morales' death, the actual motivation for Lt. PIGott's suicide was that he feared losing his precious job and being indicted. A suicide note found near his dead body expressed that PIGott wanted to "spare his wife and three children to shame of seeing him being lead away in handcuffs and possibly facing prison time." So in other words, PIGott couldn't bare even the prospect of being treated JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE, so he off'ed himself as a cheap 'n easy way out - rather than take responsibility for his actions. 


Ironically, it is very unlikely PIGott would've faced criminal prosecution or even lost his miserable job over this. His gun and badge were taken away and they parked his ass at a desk in another unit answering phones, which is STANDARD for any cop involved in a citizen's death. Seems like all PIGott had to do was weather the storm for abit, and things would have been fine [for him]. 

Citizens live under the threat of police terrorism every day, and these cops think they have it hard...

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