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Saturday, November 9, 2013

PPA Prez Daryl Turner - Disgusting As Ever

In the last blog post, Portland dirty cop Jason Lobaugh was profiled, bringing his long list of crimes and terror into account. These crimes - to which none had he ever been criminally prosecuted - include: jury tampering, hindering prosecution, criminal trespass, violating court order, aggravated assault, assaulting a minor, assault & battery, threatening & menacing, possession & abuse of illegal narcotics, and interfering in a police investigation. These are but Lobaugh's known crimes. 

If one were to read such a horrifying rap sheet without additional context, one might (might) be forgiven for assuming this were the record of a dangerous felon or ex-con... not a currently employed 22-year veteran of the Portland Police. Yet, there you have it. In a Willamette Week article published on Nov. 6th 2013, 'One Cop's Exes and Uh-Ohs', Portland Police Association and union boss Daryl "TOM" Turner defended Lobaugh (as he is want to do with all of the violent criminals amongst the ranks of the Portland Police Gestapo or PPG) by saying that Lobaugh's behavior was "not socially acceptable", but nonetheless the officer BROKE NO LAW. Turner also said that Lobaugh's domestic-violence allegations (that would be him beating up and terrorizing his ex-wives, beating up his 17-year old step-son, and just being a violent crazy thug in general) are "part of his personal life". The not-at-all-subtle message from Turner is that, if an officer who is formally sworn to PROTECT AND SERVE the public is assaulting and terrorizing his own family, then that is none of the public's business! 

A direct quote from piggy sell-out Daryl "Uncle Ruckus" Turner. Shameless defense of a known violent sociopath (Lobaugh), as well as some pretty damned inexcusable victim-blaming here. Horrifying as his words are, this is expected from a worthless scumbag who's known for making horrifying, near-fascist, and down-right foolish statements in interviews before. One local blogger, Lauren Hudgins, was soo disgusted with Turner, that she has openly called for his RESIGNATION

Daryl Turner (left), seen with Police peckerwood-in-chief Mike Reese

Piggy Turner also has gained quite a bit of well-deserved criticism for his blatant victim-shaming. Eventually he was forced to walk back his words. Turner also claims that he was "misquoted" and demanded that WW retract the article. Unwilling to stand by his own words, like a true coward!

Turner's defense of Jason Lobaugh is particularly interesting, considering he once attempted to bust Lobaugh for narcotics. As profiled in the previous post, Lobaugh was, and likely still is, a major abuser of steroids. In Sept. 2000, he was admitted into ER, telling doctors he had overdosed on the illegal drug GHB. It was suspected that he took the drug in order to offset "post-workout insomnia" (juicing on steroids is known to wreak havoc on one's sleep cycle - fyi).


As a result investigators sent Turner, who was an undercover officer at that time, into a "Max Muscle" store in Beaverton, OR to try and bust Lobaugh's dope dealer. Lobaugh just happen to walk in shortly afterwards for another fix, when he spotted Turner and immediately knew what was going on. He then left the store and called the person working the counter, snitching out his fellow officer Turner as an undercover. 

This would be the that "interfering in a police investigation" and "hindering prosecution" mentioned earlier. But Tuner doesn't seem too sore about that, assuming the lousy SOB ever gave a damn at all. Daryl Turner - one CLASS ACT!   

Portland Police union boss Daryl Turner seen here at home

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