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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Killer Bread Co-Founder Goes on Muthafuckin' Rampage - FUCK YES!

Ever heard of 'Dave's Killer Bread'? If you live here in the North West, you most likely have come across it in a grocery store.

Dave Dahl, the co-founder of Dave's Killer Bread, suffered a mental health crisis and gone on an EPIC RAMPAGE on Friday Nov. 15th, leaving destruction and at least one injured deputy in his wake!

 Devastation courtesy of Killer Dave... 

DKB is a locally owned bread company
currently based out of Milwaukie, OR. Their product is considered a regional staple and is sold in stores all over the state (for now). Each loaf of bread is packaged and stamped with the co-founder's story of redemption, explaining how the bread-maker once led a life of crime, drugs, and thuggery (like any cop, pretty much) before changing paths. After having served a 15 year prison term, Dahl founded the locally famous bread company.


The killer bread-maker had been successful and his company [still] has plans to expand. However, something seemingly snapped inside Dahl and he either relapsed or simply went batty. It had also been reported that prior to Dahl's rampage terrorizing Washington County cops, he walked into his store in Milwaukie the day prior and terrorized his employees, before smashing a life-sized cutout display of himself and storming off. Employees called police, but Dahl was gone by the time they arrived.

This guy deserves an award for being a BADASS-FOR-LIFE, he does! Now if only Dahl were to change his product's name to, 'Dave's Cop-Killer Bread', I would invest stock!

Dave Dahl seen here - baking bread and roasting pigs!

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