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Friday, November 22, 2013

George Zimmerman Charged With Felony Assault - Surprised?


So George "Peckerwood" Zimmerman, 30, child murderer, was arrested on Monday Nov. 18th and charged with assault. The short version (just to get it out of the way) is that he pointed a SHOTGUN at his girlfriend, a woman identified as Samantha Scheibe, 27. According to many various news reports, Zimmerman was living/hiding out with Scheibe in a residence which she rented, picked a fight with her, pulled a long-barreled shotgun on her, forced her outside the residence, and barricaded himself inside until authorities arrived.

Scheibe called 911 and when police arrived, Zimmerman was arrested (again) without incident. The 911 call was made from a home in Seminole County near some small town called Apopka, 15 miles from Orlando, FL.

Never one to stay behind bars too long though, scumbag Zimmerman posted bail for $9,000 (with conditions) after appearing in court the following day. He's currently awaiting trial on charges of pointing a firearm at his girlfriend and menacing.

Piece-of-shit Zimmerman makes another public sighting in court.

Obviously, this isn't Zimmerman's first run-a-foul with the law... not even since the worthless sack-of-shit was acquitted in the stalking and murder of Trayvon Martin back in July of this year. As a matter of fact, wannabe-cop Zimmerman has a well-documented criminal history that includes:

- felony assault
- battery
- menacing
- stalking
- terroristic threats
- obstruction of justice
- resisting arrest
- felony weapon's use
- intimidation,
- speeding, etc.

- Also, in July 2005, he was arrested on charges of felony resisting arrest and violence. The wannabe cop was also charged with fighting a police officer. Those charges were later dropped.
- In August 2005, an ex-girlfriend named Veronica Zuazo filed a restraining order against him, citing domestic violence. She also accused Zimmerman of stalking her in her neighborhood. He was on bond at this time, pending other criminal charges.  
- In Dec. 2006, he was arrested for speeding. Charges were later dropped when the arresting cop failed to appear in court. 
- Plus his own [estranged] wife, Shellie Zimmerman, has described him as a "ticking time bomb" and "acting like a monster". However She is incorrect on this, because GZ was a ticking time bomb that had already GONE OFF! That happened on the night he murdered Trayvon.   

Nonetheless, fame and notoriety seemed to have worked out rather well for Zimmerman. As noted before, his most recent arrest involved his girlfriend - bimbo/fame whore Samantha Scheibe. His estranged wife, obese liar Shellie, had sought a divorce back in Sept. But before that, she was just happy to "stand by her man" throughout his murder trail, even going so far as to LIE to a jury on her sorry-ass husband's behave.

Since he and his wife (childless, thank the Devil) have parted ways, GZ has found new affection, post-trial, in a younger, hotter, prettier, possibly stupider woman. Murdering an un-armed teenager has certainly paid off for Zimmerman. Simply take a moment to look at his estranged wife here:
george zimmerman's wife arrested

Now look at his most recent girlfriend (hopefully ex-girlfriend by now), whose face he pointed a shotgun at:


Clearly, Zimmerman's "celebrity" status has been working out rather well for him. Ever since he got off on murder back in July he's been living high off the hog, hiding out, stocking up on weaponry, growing a bread, and basically becoming [even more] obese. No word yet as to whether Zimmerman's picked up another neighborhood watching gig. But it looks like the POS's every day living has been supplemented by all that money donated to him by racist hate groups.  

"TOM" Zimmerman: whore shill for right-wing bigots.

Despite having to watch his back for the rest of his bastard miserable life, Zimmerman did quite well for himself. Most other people don't do so well after they gun down an innocent, un-armed 17 year old child who was just minding his own business. Zimmerman on the other hand; he's been stinking like roses since this past summer. And his well-documented history of bullying and violent criminal behavior seemed to have not hindered him any. A THUG if there ever was one, Zimmerman's never spent more than a week or two in jail. He's gotten off on picking fights with cops, terrorizing wives and girlfriends, pointing guns at people, multiple speeding violations, etc. He got off on murdering a child, and his sorry bastard ass will likely get off on these most recent charges as well.

One has to really ponder why/how these two have not hooked up, yet:


Two peas in a pod.

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