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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Car Crash Victim Seeks Help, is Gunned Down by Pig

*******BREAKING UPDATE: In yet another (?!) outrageous and bizarrely similar case, Renisha McBride, 19, was slaughtered by racist monster when attempting to seek help following car crash in Detroit area!!! Injured Black woman seeks help following car crash in Dearborn, MI, receives shotgun blast to head instead! More on this in next post!******* 

So there seems to be a bit of a pandemic in America, of innocent un-armed Black people being gunned down - mostly by gestapo police terrorists, racist vigilantes, other times. While all these cases are horrific, THIS one is pretty fucking bad.

On September 14th 2013, Jonathan Ferrell, 24, was involved in a car crash in Charlotte, North Carolina (being in N.Carolina alone, the odds were already against him. Not that he stood any better a chance in the state from which he had moved, Florida). Ferrell had just given a friend a ride home. He was heading home himself, when he got into a serious car accident. His vehicle was totaled and kicking out the back window was his only means of escape.

Jonathan Ferrell seen here, while still at FL A&M U. *courtesy Facebook.
Jon Ferrell shooting Jonathan Ferrell

Ferrell's car, after the crash.
Jonathan Ferrell's wrecked Toyota Camry. The accident was so bad that Ferrell had to climb to the back of the vehicle and kick through the back window just to get out of it.

Disoriented but apparently having escaped grievous injury, Ferrell staggered his way about half a mile up a road leading into an up-scale bourgeois neighborhood. There, he banged on the front door of one home seeking help. One woman, identified as Sarah McCartney, 32, had answered. Rather than seeing an injured human in desperate need of medical care, she instead saw a "BIIIIG SCARY BLACK MAN", whom she assumed right away was attempting to break into her home and possibly rape her. So this racist twat slammed the door in Ferrell's face and called the cops (as racist twats are often want to do).

Racist twat Sarah McCartney, left, seen here with unidentified bourgeois bimbo friend getting wasted. *courtesy Facebook
Jon Ferrell shooting

When cops arrived, Ferrell attempted to flag them down, because he had just been involved in a terrible car crash and needed HELP, see. Instead, police immediately tasered him without any warning, nor verbal orders. It was then that Officer Randall Kerrick, of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Gestapo, fired upon Ferrell 12 times, hitting him ten times.

Former Officer & racist murderer Randall Kerrick

Ferrell died at the scene , fell by a barrage of gunfire from one cop's gun. He was un-armed, of fucking course. Predictably, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Gestapo's initial reflex was to LIE and COVER-UP, stating that [Officer] Kerrick's actions were "appropriate and lawful". The CMPG also said that Ferrell "continued to advance upon the officers", even after he had already been hit with a taser. This is an obvious LIE that cops tell all the damned time, whenever they electrocute someone then follow it up with gun shots.

 CMPD officer charged

Since then and after much public outcry and national attention - comparable to the Trayvon Martin murder - Kerrick has been ARRESTED and FORMALLY CHARGED! The CMPG has also since walked back its words initially defending fellow pig (now defendant) Kerrick, clarifying that excessive force was used. Now to put shit into perspective, Kerrick has been charged with 'voluntary manslaughter', so even IF the filthy murderous pig is convicted, chances that he'll serve more than a few measly-ass years in prison is a long-shot. After-all, Johannes Mehserle, the filthy-ass pig who murdered Oscar Grant in Oakland on NYE 2009 received and served but two years. That said, that a cop face criminal prosecution at all remains both a rare and astounding aberration in Amerikkka!

[Then] Officer Randall Kerrick, as a worthless beat pig.
Randall Kerrick, the cop who fired 10 shots into car-accident survivor Jonathan Ferrell.

For her part, racist callous cop-caller Susan McCartney tries to explain herself and her own actions that night. Lying, denying, and covering her sorry ass, McCartney is all excuses as she plays the "scared mother" card and claims that Ferrell "never" asked for help that night - an outrageous LIE. McCartney makes the lame-ass excuse that she thought Ferrell was a "burglar" attempting to rob her. Right, because that's exactly how burglars operate - by BANGING ON THE FRONT GODDAMN DOOR and waiting for someone to answer it, jesus! This fucking bitch, this fucking ugly, racist, cowardly BITCH - I hope her ugly fucking baby dies of SIDS!

Privilege Denying Gal - It's sexist to call out white women for racism

 Refusing to own up to her own internal racism, as well as taking responsibility for HER role in Ferrell's homicide, McCartney is a typical representation of what you can expect from uppity, bourgeois, fortified, christian White people in North Carolina.

Susan McCartney, pictured here with ugly baby. *courtesy Facebook
Jon Ferrell shooting

Sign leading to up-scale neighborhood/rich ghetto where Ferrell sought help in vain.

The only god-forsaken reason Jonathan Ferrell had even moved to such an awful state was to be with his fiancĂ©, Cache Heidel. A former football player for Florida A&M University, Ferrell had been working two jobs in order to pay for his annual $15,000 tuition for his schooling in Charlotte, for which he was studying chemistry as a major. He had hoped to become an engineer for BMW. Basically, he was ON TOP of his game at the time of his murder.

 Happier days: Ferrell pictured here with his fiancĂ© Cache Heidel. *courtesy Facebook.
jon ferrell jonathan ferrell shooting

jon ferrell jonathan ferrell shooting

Also of note, toxicology reports prove that Ferrell had neither been on drugs nor intoxicated on that night. Clean as a whistle, he was.

Heart-broken: Ferrell's grieving mother Georgia, along with brother Willie (left) and lawyer representing family Chris Chestnut (center) during mournful press conference.

Georgia Ferrell tries to remain positive, even in midst of her son's senseless murder.
Georgia Ferrell says she forgives the North Carolina cop who killed her son, but she wants justice.
Black men are more likely to REST in peace than LIVE in peace in this miserable, mad slaughterhouse of a country. It's fucking sad...
Jon Ferrell shooting Jonathan Ferrell

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